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Oxide AI stands at the intersection of innovation, where human creativity joins with machine efficiency through Hybrid AI. We are not a typical AI company – we combine explainable and transparent Computational AI with thoughtful Generative AI. Oxide AI’s approach is about enhancing human intelligence, weaving AI productively with human capability.
Redox Automated Investigations

REDOX: Decision Automation at Scale

The primary application for REDOX is efficient triage for risk identification. REDOX AI system offers simple deployment of scalable automated research and decision-support solution, optimized for large-scale case management. 
For more information, visit our partner Blackdot Solutions.

OXOGEN: Personal Investment Opportunities Discovery

OXOGEN is a powerful financial opportunities discovery tool for next-generation investors. This AI companion is just perfect for anyone looking to get inspired with potential investments.

OXO APIs: Alternative Financial Data

Enterprize-grade OXO APIs offer a range of unique alternative financial data that has been produced by our in-house AI technology. Leverage automated deep web research of the whole markets in your applications.

AI for PERSONAL productivity:

We build technology that solves information overflow and creates advantage for setting and accomplishing goals

Multi-perspective AI determines evidence and truth

We utilize numerous parallel AI models, along with multiple overlapping content sources, to establish evidence and truth. This approach is crucial, as all machine learning models operating on real-world data inevitably produce some level of error. Oxide AI’s highly intelligent ensemble of diverse AI models makes our AI systems incredibly robust.

Computational AI for goal-driven optimization

At Oxide AI, we see inputs to our AI systems as recipes or missions aimed at attaining optimal output. With well-defined objectives and constraints, machines can efficiently generate, test, and select the best solutions. 

Fully explainable and auditable AI

Our computational AI directly generates executable code/models, allowing humans to examine their function and how results were produced. In many real-world applications, this scrutiny is necessary due to the potential for significant consequences, whether financial, health-related, and so forth. Oxide AI’s models also offer a comprehensive view of the critical data and how it was utilized. 

Competitive AI Intelligence

In most cases, when everyone has access to the same information, it doesn’t create much value. Essentially, much of AI work is about generalization, which means converting inputs into outputs. While this is a useful process, typical AI often leads to average outcomes.

At Oxide AI, our mission with AI is to generate highly personalized and optimally efficient results, thereby creating truly high value.


needed to compute full vertical and optimize for custom goal
lines of code written and tested by our computational AI every day
pieces of evidence determined from huge amounts of daily source data
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